ok, yall

we need to find writer's workshoppers and get them signed up on this bitch. does anyone have mike d's email or phone, because i know in his two years he got a TON of email addresses.


ok, in anticipation of tomorrow i made this little page... it could be an awful idea, but WHO THE HELL CARES???

anyhow, i thought i'd post a poem. so there.

From Russia with Love
Anna Sutton

Letters between my sister and me
exchanged across an ocean or two
and a dozen other countries—
a meeting point between two lifes,
two languages, two lovers of the world
who can’t find their own piece.
I am humid days and long drives;
she is crumbling pavement and splattered paint.
I am stretching and encompassing,
then wrapping myself into a tense ball,
waiting for the explosion that will follow
a touch from the next stranger;
she is breaking and rebuilding,
then creating herself on every canvas,
across every screen, for every eye,
frozen in the poses they prefer.
We are women; we are children.
We are saviors; we are succubi.
We are the foundations of what we want;
We are the rubble of what we were.
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